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Advanced Teams

The VDP National Champion Advanced Competition Teams offer something most do not…balance!  Our teams include dancers that LOVE to dance and want to work hard!  Some WANT to work on Broadway or in LA someday, while others want to star in their high school musicals.  Some want to compete in one or two dances and take class 4 hours a week, while others want to dance as much as possible and do 7, 8, or more routines at competition!  You choose your time commitment…with the proper level of technique, we’ll find the team for you!

But no matter the number of hours you want to spend dancing, VDP balances the goals of dance education, family, school, and religion!  Life is about balance…and so are we!

Our Petite and Junior Advanced Competition Team Dancers (Starlites, Stars, Star Steppers, and Star Dreamers) all compete in each of the required team dances. During this time, the dancers are developing their skills in many disciplines, while learning which are their favorites, as well as their easiest and most challenging styles of dance.

Once our dancers reach our Teen and Senior Advanced Teams, the dancers are able to CHOOSE which dance disciplines (tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, musical theater, etc) they want to continue in. Most choose to continue in 5 or 6 routines each year, while some choose to balance 2 or 3 classes/routines with their junior high or high school activities.

The VDP Advanced Competition Teams compete at 3-5 regional competitions each spring, while traveling to national competitions every other summer.  While continuing to provide family balance and a strong work ethic, the VDP Advanced Competition Teams continue to rank amongst the Nations TOP Competition Studios!   At VDP, you CAN have it all!


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Intermediate Teams

Our regional and national champion Intermediate Competition Teams are the perfect fit for the dancer that wants “a bit more”  These dancers want to take class more than once a week and perform on stage more than once a year Whether your dancer is looking to just step it up a bit, prepare technically for a position on our Advanced Competition Teams, or just wants to develop a stronger dance knowledge, this is the place for them!!

Glam Stars

Dazzle Stars