VDP On Broadway!


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“I did many shows growing up.  The first show I ever performed in was the Wizard of Oz in 2nd grade.  My 1st paid performance was playing Martha Cratchit in the Guthrie’s 1999 production of A Christmas Carol, when I was 15.  My favorite role was probably playing Dorothy in The Children’s Theater Company’s Wizard of Oz when I was a Senior in high school.  I love that story and role so much and the cast was incredible.  I learned so much and loved every second of it.

After high school, I went to college for one year, spent one year in an apprenticeship position performing at the Children’s Theater Company, before going to L.A. and auditioning for the TV reality show “You’re The One That I Want” where America picked the leads of Sandy and Danny for the Broadway revival of Grease.  I performed live on television every week while America called in to vote… And I ended up winning that competition!!! My Broadway dream came true! I’ve been fortunate enough to perform in three more Broadway shows since then (South Pacific, Anything Goes, Bonnie & Clyde) and I’m now on stage in Cinderella! I feel forrtunate and blessed to be doing what I love!!

What was your favorite VDP Dance?

My favorite dances were “Bang the Drum” (Production Tap), “Steam Heat” (Senior Company Tap) and “Black Widow” (Senior Company Jazz).

What are your favorite VDP memories?

I LOVED the Little Sister/Big Sist5er Program at VDP!  And I always remember all the Moms helping out and carrying our bins and racks of costumes and stuff to competitions!!  I loved doing the big production numbers, too.  I always felt like I could learn from the older, better dancers, yet also be a role model for the younger ones.  The rhinestones, the lashes, the fake ponytails!  Dance was a huge part of my childhood and contributed so much to the performer I am today.  

This past summer, the VDP Competition Team were delighted perform to Laura’s Broadway Cast Album of Anything Goes.  Our APT number won the SHOWBIZ NATIONAL ICON CHAMPIONSHIP to Laura’s music! We congratulate Laura on all of her accomplishments.  We are so proud of you Laura!!!

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