VDP Teachers Attend Dance Teacher Summit in NYC!

This summer, two of our VDP teachers, Lauren and Mette, attended the Dance Teacher Summit in New York City. During this three-day conference, studio owners, dance teachers, K-12 educators, dance professors and teaching assistants from around the world gathered together to collaborate and learn about the latest trends and information in the dance world.

“We send representatives from our studio every year,” says Victoria Dance Productions owner Victoria McNamara.” At VDP, we feel it is important for our teachers to continue their education in dance in order to bring our families fresh choreography, on-trend techniques and the best possible skills for our students as they continue dancing.”

Lauren and Mette were able to take classes from such renowned professionals as Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey, Denise Wall and Tyce Diorio. In addition, they attended several workshops including “Coaching Gen Z,” “Nurturing Dancers in a World of Social Media” and “The Climate of Dance in 2018.”

“There were so many great takeaways,” says Mette. “I was really struck by the messageĀ  that dance originated for the purpose of telling stories. While technique is always important, we need to remember that it is also crucial to connect with the audience and make them feel the emotions we are trying to convey. To do this, dancers need to step outside themselves and be vulnerable without a fear of failure.” Lauren adds, “At VDP we are doing more than just teaching dance steps, encouraging proper technique and choreographing great routines. We are trying to help raise a generation of truly good human beings.”

Click on the video below to see the amazing Mia Michaels teaching at the Dance Summit

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