VDP Teachers Launch New Integrated Dance Program This Fall!

Three VDP staff members traveled to Wisconsin this summer to train in an exciting new program called Rhythm Works Integrated Dance, a hip-hop dance program for kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorders and other individual learning differences!

Rhythym Works Integrative Dance is a groundbreaking rhythm and dance class that uses evidence-based therapeutic practices to achieve developmental goals. To our students, it’s a fun and exciting activity that provides participation and socialization opportunities. Behind the scenes, our teachers work together with developmental teams to incorporate elements and strategies that best support the dancer’s needs and learning styles.

“We learned so much during this training,” says Miss Amy. “This program goes well beyond the art of dance. By adding purposeful movement to specific music and rhythms, the brain creates new neural pathways that help kids to better organize their brains and self-regulate.”

“This is an amazing opportunity for our entire community,” says Miss Michael (pronounced “Michelle”), a Special Education Paraeducator in a center-based classroom at a local elementary school. “Using dance as a vehicle to help students work on the goals set by all of their specialists in one program is exceptional!”

“The fact that the three of us are the only dance teachers in the entire state of Minnesota to be certified in the Rhythm Works program is exciting!” says Miss Emily. “We are ready  to get started on this amazing journey!”

Contact the studio for more information about this program at 952-835-7497  or email admin@victoriadance.com

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